The Arrival



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This illustrated book has no words at all – yet through creative and detailed artwork it reveals a poignant personal record of one person’s journey to a new land. The book is designed to look as if it has seen better times – a worn cover, pages which look aged. Through pictures, the narrative vividly expresses the sadness of leaving homeland and family behind, and the bewilderment and fear, as well as joy and kindnesses, experienced in encountering the unknown. The administrative hurdles of immigration, the strange customs of a different country, the unfamiliar factories, machines, animals – all are imaginatively portrayed in this graphic journal. There are powerful reminders throughout of the value of friends and the timeless story of those who seek a better future. Key stage 2 children will find this an engaging book but also one which links with work in history and religious education. This is definitely a book to have in any Year 6 collection.



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