Good Girls Don’t


作者:St. John, Kelley


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In high school, Bill Brannon was head over heels for his childhood friend Lettie Campbell. Twelve years later, Bill has almost forgotten his crush on the wild and feisty Lettie. Almost. But when fate reunites them, he realises that some opportunities shouldn’t be missed. Lettie Campbell wants to start her own business – designing lingerie. Her dream is going to become a reality with the cash she’s bringing in as a cheating consultant at My Alibi, a company that lies for cheaters 24/7. When her sister, Amy, asks her to help a friend by providing an alibi, Lettie agrees. Lying to strangers is easy. But lying to the friend you’ve had since third grade is hard. As the lies pile up and Lettie and Bill burn up the sheets, she will have to come clean. Because the person she’s lying to is Bill and no amount of lies will help her when he discovers that he’s been conned.



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