After Rain


作者:William Trevor


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William Trevor has long been hailed as one of the greatest living writers of the short story. In this collection of twelve dazzling, acutely rendered tales, he once again plumbs the depths of the human heart. Here we meet a blind piano tuner whose wonderful memories of his first wife are cruelly distorted by his second; a woman in a difficult marriage who must choose between her indignant husband and her closest friend; two children, survivors of divorce, who mimic their parents’ melodramas; a heartbroken woman traveling alone in Italy who experiences an epiphany studying a forgotten artist’s Annunciation.Trevor is, in his own words, “a storyteller. My fiction may, now and again, illuminate aspects of the human condition, but I do not consciously set out to do so”. Conscious or not, he touches us in ways that few writers even dare to try.



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